Located in Northwest Ohio
Mark & Rebecca Johnson
13772 Bays Rd
Rudolph, OH 43462

Liberty Acres Farm is located 2 1⁄2 miles outside of the small village of Rudolph in Northwest Ohio. Rudolph is known for its Christmas cancellation stamp.

Liberty Acres Farm is known for its donkeys.

We got our first donkey in 1991 and have been breeding donkeys since 1993. We currently have 25 donkeys. Most of these are Miniature Mediterranean donkeys. We do have a few standards and we have two wonderful mammoth donkeys.

The main interest is in our miniatures.

We are a breeding farm but we do many other things with the donkeys .We do a limited amount of showing. Our donkeys visit churches, schools, and nursing homes. We set up small corrals and since we have other animals too we have a little petting zoo. Our donkeys also do nativity scenes and Palm Sunday appearances.

We currently have two breeding jacks. These jacks sire our foals and we do outside breedings.

We can offer delivery in most cases and we accept payments.

We raise the friendliest donkeys you will ever meet. If you are looking for a show quality donkey, a breeding jennet, or a pet call us to meet Libertys donkeys.


We Accept:

Email: libertysdonkeys@embarqmail.com


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